You make a great point, Kaitlin. I think I reference it in this article, but I think one part of the transition from slave labor to carbon-neutral non-market subsistence travels through a collectivized UBI. I write about that here in detail:

The question remains, how do you go from small pockets of UBI-powered, non-currency communes to FULL non-currency, hyper-localized micro manufacturing without the capitalists lobbying Congress to make it illegal to own the tech that's needed to eject from the market?

My only hope is that by proving that a slower, smaller, non-wage-slavery life is actually so much more pleasurable (and I write about that here: that the very existence of such communities triggers a broader political movement demanding the inalienable right to the automated means of subsistence.

And last thing, if you're curious about WHAT the ejected-from-capitalism life COULD look like, I explore one version here:

I'm guessing you weren't expecting a reading assignment when you commented, so sorry! lol. But I can tell from your response that this is shit you've been thinking about for a long time. And I really value this kind of input!

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