That’s a great question, Nancy. In the longer version of the proposed “customs and context” document there’s a section for conflict resolution — and removal from the community.

But I’m so glad you brought this up! I think homeless communities are another place where meaningful “post-work” living can be explored, now. I wrote an essay a month back or so looking at how prisoners at San Quentin find meaning through cultural activities (running club, church, a inmate-run newspaper, etc).

But I’d love to chat more about all this here in the responses! Getting insight from someone like your husband — who actually knows what it’s like to try and create community amongst people abandoned by “society” — would be incredible.

My goal here is to help imagine an equitable future where people are freed from wage slavery — and stop doing fatal damage to the ecosystems that support us.

So thanks for the close read! And thanks to you and your husband for beginning to share his story. I really appreciated the raw insights of the essay y’all wrote together!

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