According to Spector, I believe the Hadza spent 2-3 hours a day collecting their food. Big game, like giraffes, might be a multi-day affair. But generally it wasn't a ton of time.

To your point about the UBI co-ops with the 3D printers, yes! That's my way of imagining the equivalent, time-wise, of the modern hunter-gatherer lifestyle. But since (at least for the first century, or millenium) the land wouldn't support living by hunting and foraging alone, the culture would need to be oriented around other deliberate ways of not laboring in ways that could be exploited by lords. I'm not sure if you've read this piece of mine, but I'd be SUPER curious to hear your thoughts on the (admittedly granular, but it needs to be granular at first) schedule attached to the end of this article:

The schedule is based on my observations of how non-agrarian indigenous peoples filled their days, weeks, and months. And as you'll see, there's plenty of time to write ;)

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