I wrote a divisive novel about climate change 10 years ago and it might be even more controversial — and necessary — today

Believe it our not, your ancestors were pretty chill

Two Hadza hunters | Photo by Nick Hall | Redux by Escape Pod

Thoughts about the future on the morning of the election

A working theory of “De-Capitalism”

California: Burning

Do consumers have the power to sabotage capitalism?

Illustration by Scott Holloway | Redux by James Kaelan

How to test an egalitarian, post-work future, today

A homeless encampment in Orange County, CA | Redux by James Kaelan

Four months into lockdown, with stimulus checks spent and gilded unemployment payments set to expire, as many as 28 million American families could face eviction.

Where our huddled masses go, how they organize, and what new rights they demand could permanently shift economic power in this country.

America’s longest-serving political prisoner has spent 44 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit

Native American activist Leonard Peltier has spent more than 16,000 days in prison for a crime he didn’t commit

Could UBI be the key to economic, racial, and climate equality?

A hand-painted sign welcomes visitors to Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

When keeping your job is worse than losing it

A solitary logger surveys a clearcut in British Columbia | Redux by Escape Pod

How the inmates of San Quentin find meaning in the post-work world

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch

Escape Pod

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